Arnoud Herremans

Arnoud Herremans is a psychologist by training (Utrecht University), holds a PhD in Neuroscience (Utrecht University) and has been leading a pharmacology department at Solvay until 2010. During the years at Solvay, Arnoud introduced Operational Excellence and Lean management in the pharmaceutical discovery operations and witnessed great improvements in productivity as well as the enhancement of ownership and entrepreneurial drive within the team. In 2010, Arnoud has started an independent company, called Y47, with the mission to bring continuous improvement and Innovation Excellence to Life Science and Chemical organizations where research is an important part of their work. Since March 2016, PAASP and Y47 have been collaborating and this collaboration has taken now a new form where Arnoud will provide strategic leadership to some of the PAASP’s initiatives and will particularly focus on the interaction with our partners and colleagues in the Benelux countries.

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