Dr. Dario Doller

Dario Doller was born, raised and educated in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In 1989, he earned a PhD at the Universidad de Buenos Aires working with Prof. E.G. Gros on the synthesis and spectroscopic properties of steroidal glycoalkaloids from the tomato plant. He took off to College Station, TX, to join Prof. Derek Barton (Nobel Laureate 1969) research group at Texas A&M University. Dario has 20+ years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, including large pharma (Schering-Plough Research Institute) and small biotech companies (3-DP, Gliatech and Neurogen). His most recent position was at Lundbeck Research USA, where he studied for a decade the chemical biology of GPCR allosteric modulators. Dario contributed to a marketed drug (PAR-1 antagonist vorapaxar), and 2 clinical compounds (MCHR-1 antagonist NGD-4715 and mGluR5 NAM Lu AF09535), as well as several tool compounds and radioligands for translational studies in novel targets. His work is documented by over 100 peer reviewed articles, patent applications and book chapters.

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